All Change Following the AGM

On Wednesday 26th September, the PTFA held their Annual General Meeting (AGM)


Minutes for PTFA AGM Wednesday 26th September 2018

Present: Michelle Quinlivan, Liz Lawson, Kerrianne Standen, Laura Turner, Lucy Bayliss, Laura Faulkner, Toby Christensen, Kay Greig

Apologies: Ms Golden


Welcomes and introductions


The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting and in particular Liz, who is a new member of the PTFA
Chair’s review of last year (2017-2018)


The Chair reported that it had been a mixed year, with lots of new people attending the meetings and helping at events. Most of the normal events were run, however the agenda of events now needs refreshing with some new ideas. The main fundraising objective last year was the purchase of Chromebooks (2 per class), having spoken to Ms Golden recently this purchase is still pending, although the school do now have the money to buy them.
Review of accounts for last year (2017-2018)


Toby presented the accounts along with a comparison with the previous year. At the end of the year, the PTFA had more money in the account than the previous year and it was noted that the summer ball made up more than half of the total income for the year. Having made only £140 last year, it was decided that the PTFA would not run a 50-50 club this year. There was some confusion about the Co op road safety grant money, according to Parent Forum the grant fell through although the money is in the PTFA account. Liz agreed to raise the issue at the next Parent Forum meeting to get some clarity.
Election of the 2018-2019 Committee Kay Greig announced she would be standing down as Chair. The committee thanked her for everything she had done for the PTFA.

Prior to the meeting, Helen Gardner had also said she would be stepping down as Treasurer. Both had been bought flowers as a gesture of thanks, Kay took hers home and Helen’s would be delivered to her house.


Chair – Laura Faulkner

Nominated – Kerrianne Standen

Seconded – Kay Greig


Vice Chair – Lucy Bayliss

Nominated – Laura Faulkner

Seconded – Laura Turner


Treasurer – Toby Christensen

Nominated – Lucy Bayliss

Seconded – Michelle Quinlivan


Secretary – Kerrianne Standen

Nominated – Kay Greig

Seconded – Liz Lawson

Meeting closed at 8.30pm.


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