Minutes of PTFA Meeting 26.09.18

Minutes of PTFA Meeting Wednesday 26th September 2018

8pm All Saints School


Present: Michelle Quinlivan, Liz Lawson, Kerri Standen, Laura Turner, Lucy Bayliss, Laura Faulkner, Toby Christensen, Kay Greig, Suzanna Rees

Apologies: Ms Golden

Carry forward from last meeting:


·       Co-op Road Safety cheque – has it been collected and paid in? – Toby



·       Progress of changing bank accounts – Toby

Toby is in the process of changing signatories on the account. Will probably keep the account with HSBC.


·       Waitrose cheque – has it been collected? – Kay

Not yet, Suzanna offered to collect it before the next meeting.


·       Discussion with school about PTFA money being used for visits and visitors – Laura F

Carry forward – Ms Golden to ask the teachers what they would like money spent on this year


·       Confirmation of handover of: PTFA facebook account, PTFA email address  and financial information

All confirmed


·       Confirmation of Whatsapp changes – Kay to add Laura T and add Lucy B as an admin



·       Circus event information passed on from Helen?

Yes, see below















Ms Golden

Possible circus themed fundraiser


·       Laura F reported she’d been in touch with the company Happy Circus. It is a people only circus with a Big Top. The Big Top holds 600 people. The cost is £70 admin fee + £2700+VAT. The VAT could be avoided by asking the school to pay and then the PTFA reimbursing the school. In other schools, the average ticket price has been £8, Happy Circus provide popcorn and then other refreshments, face painting etc could be offered to increase fundraising potential. The location would be the show field. It was agreed that this seemed like a really exciting idea, but there were concerns over whether this was too big an event for the village, we would need to sell around 347 tickets to break even. It was suggested that St Stephens PTFA in Fradley could be contacted to see if they would be interested in a joint fundraiser involving both village schools. Kerri to make contact with St Stephens PTFA to see if they’d be interested in it.














Finance Update, including totals from:


·       Bags 2 School – £144

·       Summer Discos  – See AGM report

·       Dance off refreshments – See AGM report


·       Toby to investigate how / if the PTFA could claim VAT back on purchases










Fit and Fun Sunday 30th September 2018


·       145 people have registered, more expected to register on Friday when they are paid and as the weather looks agreeable more people may register on the day. We have 180 medals, Lucy is going to order some more to ensure that everyone who completes the run gets one.

·       Setting up from 8.30 on Sunday morning if people can help







Other fundraising ideas


·       Casino night at AVH – Steph Taylor Howl has contacts. Kay to ask Chair of Tennis Club about the earning potential

·       Bollywood Night





Parent survey


·       We would like to freshen up the events list. Thought it could be beneficial to ask parents about which events they enjoy supporting and see if there are any others they have been to that have worked well that we could try. Michelle and Liz to create a survey to send to parents via text.






Michelle and Liz

Bags 2 school


·       Lucy to arrange a collection for Jan and possibly June.





Christmas Fayre


·       Date confirmed as Friday 7th December 4.30-7pm.

·       Wrap night confirmed as Wednesday 5th December 8pm.

·       Planning meeting arranged for Tuesday 9th October 8pm in The George

·       Concern over whether Santa needs a DBS check – Laura F to talk to Ms Golden about it







Laura F

Confirmed events and dates for the year:


·       Thursday 25th October – cake sale

·       Wednesday 5th December – Wrap night for Christmas Fayre

·       Friday 7th December – Christmas Fayre

·       Thursday 13th December – Christmas disco

·       Thursday 14th February – Valentines cake sale

·       Friday 29th March – Mother’s day sale

·       Thursday 4th April – Easter disco

·       Wednesday 10th April – Easter Bingo

·       Thursday 23rd May – cake sale

·       Friday 14th June – Fathers day sale

·       TBC – Summer disco


Date and time of next meeting: Christmas Fayre planning meeting – Tuesday 9th October 8pm in The George


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